going green never tasted so good

Matcha MarketPlace is a new specialty food business located in Phoenix that has combined two Super Foods,
Matcha and Whole Grain Rolled Oats to make one amazing, healthy, and great tasting breakfast offering. Matcha is the all-natural powder of ground Green Tea leaves that are supplied directly from the Kyoto and Uji regions of Japan. Matcha has well documented medical industry references to health benefits that include cancer prevention, weight loss through increased metabolism, diabetes prevention, blood pressure control, and many other general health attributes for an overall healthy lifestyle.
Gluten Free Whole Grain Rolled Oats are known to lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure, are full of antioxidants, help in the prevention of hardening of the arteries, and help stabilize blood sugars.

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Why Choose Matcha Marketplace?

Research indicates that the various ingredients found in green tea can help eliminate abdominal fat. Many clinical studies have shown that green tea extract reduces body fat. What causes the weight loss?— the EGCGs. These EGCGs belong to a group of antioxidants called "catechins." Catechins speed up metabolism, which aids in weight loss, while providing the usual antioxidant benefits.

More than just oatmeal

Along with purchasing our great products online, you can now get them in select Arizona locations. Look on the shelves of your local Whole Foods Market, AJ’s Fine Foods and Sprouts Farmers Market to get your product today! Learn More >

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